About Colin (2010)

The bulk of this version of my “About Me” page was written in October of 2010 and contains tiny updates made from then through mid-2011. Broken links a distinct possibility.

If you are looking for details about me, I suppose you’ve come to the right place.

From the beginning… I was born outside of Philadelphia but moved to New Jersey at a young age. I grew up in Central New Jersey. People that aren’t from our lovely state may have a negative perception of the place or the people here, but it’s a pretty awesome place. I had a childhood fairly typical of an only child.

In fact, a lot of the details of my growing up and travels were previously documented on a profile I created for a trip through Europe I was taking with friends. You can also read a lot about that trip at that site or check out my many pictures from the excursion.

A few months after that trip in 2007… I founded, produced, planned, and ran the very first WOSoMP. What is WOSoMP, you ask? It’s an acronym for the Weekend Olympic Showdown of Massive Proportions and the event was exactly as it sounds. We brought along some kegs, some complicated rules, and more than 30 friends to what was a competition in nine sporting events invented or humorously altered from their norms by your’s truly. The weekend remains one of the favorite things I’ve ever done and I keep promising people a follow-up event. My targets are set for another weekend in 2011. I’ll keep you posted.

A couple months later, I jumped ship to San Francisco… to become the fourth employee of a startup company. Making this move in very early 2008 was fairly unexpected for me. After visiting San Francisco for the first time the previous June, I thought I liked it, but never saw myself living there. I was wrong! My time in San Francisco was incredible, if somewhat brief. My moving was the catalyst that finally got me together with my soon-to-be wife (you can read all about how cute we are on our website). I met dozens of great people and a big chunk of hopefully lifelong friends. I reconnected with an old schoolmate and formed an even better friendship than we had back on the east coast. I enjoyed the experience of living in one of the most exciting and cultural cities in the word. I recommend San Francisco to anyone. Go visit. Go live there. Just go.

And after nearly three years… I came back east. My fiancé, Liz, and I packed up a moving truck and hit the open road towards greater Philadelphia. It was time to come home. Years away from our closest friends and family had been hard, and we had business to attend to, like getting married and starting the next phase of our awesome lives together.

That’s a few decent chunks of my story. If you were looking for more of a bullet-point type experience, here’s some more tidbits for you:

When it comes to writing on my blog… I often fall behind on it. Should you subscribe to my site in your news reader, you are unlikely to be inundated with posts, so have no fear.

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