About Colin (2018)

I wrote this version of my "About Me" page just after my birthday in 2018. I kept the text changes to a minimum so I could get back to chasing around our oldest and diapering our youngest. I was a few months into a new job and work life was in great shape despite the sleepless new baby nights at home.

Who, me!? I'm a 35 year old, married, father of two living in Philadelphia, PA. I work full-time in front of a computer screen, but enjoy spending time with my family, taking in sporting events, and long chats with friends when AFK. I have little to no idea how to remodel a house, but just bought a big fixer-upper that needs some serious work.

I'm an east-coaster at heart, having been born outside of Philadelphia, growing up in New Jersey, and college'ing in Delaware. I went west to San Francisco at the start of my career, but found my way back to the City of Brotherly Love in due time.

Along the way, I've kicked off a semi-regular olympiad of wacky sports, run my own software consultancy, helped found a tech startup, and tailored remote work for companies large and small.

Personally, I married up in terms of brains and beauty, and created two amazing, tiny humans, who rule our roost with reckless abandon: one with tantrums and hilarity and the other with poopy diapers and sleepless nights.

Most days, you can find me kicking around my neighborhood and taking in what life has to offer.

Other Things to Know

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